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Latest news

February 2024

NPM announces partnership with the original IP holders of “Drowned God: Conspiracy of the Ages”

🚀In 1996 a game described by one journalist as "the strangest, creepiest, most psychedelic adventure game I've yet to come across." was released. Reaching the Top Ten within two weeks, the sudden and unexplained demise of its publisher, a subsidiary of Timer Warner, left the game to fade into internet memory, another evolutionary gaming dead-end adrift in a sea of zeros and ones.

Drowned God pulled together some of the wildest and most enduring conspiracy theories of the age which have captivated millions of people who question the accepted narrative of history.  Almost everything that was predicted in the game is coming to pass. Over the last few years interest in the game has swelled, catching the attention of curious minds across the globe, its subject matter and darker secrets fuelling discussion and speculation.

Next Path Media is proud to announce they have entered into an agreement with the original IP holders: the Estate of the late Harry Horse (Richard Horne) Algy Williams and  Alastair Graham, to re-release the game along with a wealth of unseen material, interviews and original art.

“I think we can truly say that we were ahead of our time - much of what we were saying 28 years ago is more relevant now than it was then. Just look at the febrile political atmosphere; the US government’s announcement of a highly classified department within the  US Department of Defense operating till 2023 to research unexplained anomalous phenomena (UAP); the advances in genetic engineering and xenotransplantation…. to name but a few.”

Algy Williams. Producer - Drowned God

“In September 1994 I was busy wondering how I could possibly transmit my twenty years of pen and pencil experience to the youthful computer virtuosi in Brighton while staying upright in the teeth of the Force 10 gale that was Harry Horse's energy. But somehow, Drowned God was meant to be….”

Alastair Graham. Art Director - Drowned God

“Our brother Harry's seminal title - which presaged our era of disinformation, mystery and paranoia - returns to ensnare a new generation into the terrors of humanity's secret history...and the enigma of the Drowned God.”

Emma and  Kay on behalf of the estate of Harry Horse

“Drowned God was the first video game I worked on albeit very early on in my career and I am more than thrilled to be working on it again now. The weird thing is the game itself seems to have come of age with its content more relevant and prescient now than ever”

Mike Gamble Co-Founder NPM

Join us on this quest to discover the true origin of mankind and what the future holds🚀🎮 #NextPathMedia #DrownedGod #PartnershipAnnouncement #GamingInnovation

December 2023

Next Path and leading comicbook platform Manta announce their partnership

We are thrilled to finally announce our collaboration with Manta, the world's leading Manhwa comic platform. This strategic partnership marks the convergence of creativity and innovation, bringing together the storytelling expertise of Manta and the community and technology skills of Next Path Media.

We are creating an unparalleled journey of imagination and extraordinary adventure that promises an immersive and captivating experience for audiences worldwide.

I’m very happy to have Manta as our first strategic partner in this space as they have such an interesting IP treasure. The storytelling of their comics are so engaging even for the uninitiated Manhwa reader of any age. The stories are fantastically suited for adaptation to all kinds of media and we have lots of exciting angles we are working on with Manta to propel their world outside of the comic, blurring the line between the virtual and reality” - Michael Wiessmueller, Next Path Media

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